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Training Classes

Dog wearing a graduation hat

Available Training Classes

Advanced/Master Rally (this class is full)

Beginning Rally


Training Class

Wednesday | 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM



Please reach out to our training director with class suggestions and desires. Classes are for members only.


Training Director
Patty Reuschle 
Training Questions? Send us a message. 

Lessons & Coaching

Other events offered by PDFA are dependent upon the interests of club members and their support in organizing it. At this time, conformation, obedience, rally, barn hunts, lure coursing and AK Temperament events are being supported. Check out our events page or like our Facebook page for what is coming up.

Classes are scheduled by demand, so call to set up.
See our Training Link for more information

Nonmember Class Application

PDFA Earth Dog Brochure

Earth Dog Events are for terriers and dachshunds.
Dogs must navigate tunnels to locate safely penned vermin.

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All breeds can chase the lure.

CAT trials and practices
involve running one dog at a time.

 What's it about?

If you want to be notified for lure coursing practices - set
depending upon cool weather and field availability, please
to join email list (subject: coursing) or like our
Facebook page
We are always looking for fenced fields to
set up new courses in!

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