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Show Location

entrance of penscola equestrian center

Escambia County Equestrian Center

7750 Mobile Highway,

Pensacola Florida

only 15 minutes from Interstate 10 Exits 5 and 7.

Several hotels, grocery stores, and gas stations are nearby.
Drive times from southeast locations:
Atlanta, GA: 325 mi / 5 hrs
Houston, TX: 525 mi / 8 hrs
Ocala, FL: 375/5.5 hrs
Wellington/West Palm Beach, FL: 621 mi / 8.75 hrs

Show Times: 

 8 am until 4:30 pm

Admission  fees:

Spectators and exhibitors are $5

for a carload per day.

Pre-reserved receive their admission pass at gate


  • Multi-purpose covered and lighted arena

                           (125' x 250')

  • 294 12x12 stalls in three permanent barns

  • 75 RV hookups

  • Concession Stand

  • Restrooms and showers

  • Multi-use nature trails, open grass fields,

         and adjacent to Beulah Regional Park

         Lots of places and trails to walk dogs.

  • Vendor booths with specialty items

Weather is generally nice and in the 60's.

The show grounds will be in a covered arena on packed dirt.

Newcomer to Showing?

Learn more here:

Show pricing, Rv, and stall rentals located below

When AKC first approved our site, we were told it was one of the best outdoor sites in the southern tri-state circuit.  While it can't compete for the amenities of a large indoor site in a city that has drawn clubs into large clusters, it allows our club to keep AKC purebred dog events in the vicinity of our base at a reasonable cost. As expenses have climbed, the Fairground prices were beyond what our shows could recover and the Equestrian Center offered the answer. We believe it better serves the promotion of purebred dogs and draws members of our locality into the sport to keep our events in our "neighborhood" and serves all exhibitors to hold our show on a weekend vs. during the middle of the week.

The dirt in the arena is rolled into a hard pack before rings are set. We now put down a material mat that is nailed into that hard pack for two of the rings that allow the toys, most terriers and most non-sporting breeds to be shown off the dirt and will allow handlers to kneel on this material. These two rings served as the group ring. The mats hold up well and we will continue to set them in the future.
The club installs wind screens to help control the wind that can cool the temperature that can range from shirt sleeve weather one day to bitter wind the next. Despite reports of global warming and a mean average of 67 degrees the first of March, a cold north wind made our 2013 show memorably cold. Since then our shows have had wonderful weather, but to that 2013 memory, we are allowing pre-reservation of crating spaces (10 x 10) upon which exhibitors can put up a tent or pop up with sides if they would like. We ask that these areas provide for multiple crating / grooming spaces so everyone has room to crate in the arena area. If you are going to tent, have tents up before the show begins so other dogs are not distracted and tents must fit within space with no trip hazard stakes.


The reserved spaces are $10 - contact show chair with subject line: RESERVED CRATING

There are a limited number of plug ins around the arena, however the EQC charges $18 a day for the usage. 

equestrian center aerial view
facility restrooms Escambia Equestrian Center-Pensacola FL
facility shower area Escambia Equestiarn Center Pensacola FL
facility shower Escambia Equestrian Center Pensacola FL
facility restrooms Escambia Equestrian Center Pensacola FL
facility main building Escambia Equestiarn Center Pensacola FL
Entrance to Equestrian center pensacola fl
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